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Policy of the 5 Fs and 2Ps

The 5 Fs: Freedom, Fairness, Friendliness, Far-Sightedness, Flexibility (good attributes to have in a governing party)

The 2 Ps: Peace and Prosperity (the result of good government)

Freedom: Government respects the boundaries of its citizens. It does not assume functions that people can handle for themselves.

Fairness: Government promotes the well being of all its people. It treats all people equally under the law so long as they obey the law. It favors a just reward for labor.

Friendliness: The U.S. government maintains friendly relations with other nations and has a benign relationship with its own citizens. There is a human element in its dealings. Government is responsive to people’s needs.

Far-sightedness: Government is concerned not only with the present situation but is also concerned with the well being of future generations. It anticipates future problems and takes steps to avert them.

Flexibility: Government should always keep an eye on its people’s well being and not let rigid “principle” stand in the way of needed results. It should not cling to the letter of the law but exercise its best judgment in the current circumstances. Still, it must observe constitutional limitations on its authority.


Peace: The United States is not at war with any other nation or “terrorist” group. It cuts back on military and intelligence spending to what reasonably meets the nation’s security needs.

Prosperity: There is full employment combined with rising incomes and reduced working hours to produce improved happiness for people.




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